What are the intended propouse of this table?

We propose this table to easy the investors to access data of any trading site they needs. We know that this is an available information for free and it can be obtained directly from the propper site, but we want to centralized the information as much as we can to facilitate the investment work putting the data together and with added value when possible.

Use the filter to tune the list of coins you want to study.

The currencies are in the rows and their negotiacion parameters are disposed in the columns.

What are the meaning of the cells?

# Cap
This number is not the first index used to order the coins. It is also the position of the currency in terms of global capitalization value. For that reason, although the list can be eventually filtered or re-orderd, each currency preserves their rank number as a remind for the investors.
BTC price
It is the price for the currency in the selected exchange. Aka "last price". Please observe the timestamp for the report and the data (gap of few seconds). Values are given in the market units. For example, if the selected market (see the filter parameters) is BTC the value expresses the price of the currencies in Bitcoins. Each exchange has a limited list of markets, that is, the base currency of the negotiation.

USD price
Currente currency's estimated price in USD. The estimation takes in account all the sources of prices available across the network.

USD Cap.
USD negotiated volume during the last 24 hours all over de global market for this currency.

% 24hr
Percentual difference of the currency in the market during the last 24 hours in the selected exchange. The calculation is done taking in account the current price and the 24 hours price (as usual).
Av. supply
STATIC DATA. The circulating amount of units for the currency. It is also the mined/forged/created/issued concept.
Max. supply
STATIC DATA. The maximun amount of units for the currency reached at the end of the currency's life cycle. It includes also veryone losted, burned or not unit.

How the filter works?

The filter is an "AND" filter. That is, the table show the data that pass every of the filter conditions. The individual explanation of the filters are:

  • % diff When empty, any currency are valid to be shown. Any other value restrict the list of currencies to those that has a 24hr % change greater than the consigned value. Do you want to get only 24 hourspositive currencies ? Then, fill the input with a "0". More than that you can be fun of then +10% only currencies, 50% revalorizated currencies, etc ..
  • Coins filter It is just an autocomplete dropdown list of the currencies. You could want to compare just the currencies with the word "bitcoin" in some part of the name or the symbol name. This input let the investors to reduce the comparison to one or just a few currencies. The filter is case INSENSITIVE.

How to interpret the graphs

First of all, the graphs of this section uses NOT FILTERED DATA.

NOTE: the table can be ordered by any column but the ordenation is only referred to the shown items. Often the data are paged, so the first value in an ordered list could not be the global first in the full filtered list. This behoviour will be improved soon.